E-Cigs and Vaping: The Benefits

Vaping looks a lot like traditional cigarette smoking, but they are completely different. The reasons that more and more people are switch to e-cigs, aka, electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. Here, we are going to look at a few of the benefits, some you may thought of right away and others, you may not even realize:

First thing that you do notice is while a smoker of traditional cigarettes smell of tobacco, as do their cars, their clothes, and their habitat, vaper don’t. They may smell like a cinnamon bun or cotton candy. But those are more pleasant odors for non-smokers to tolerate.

With that being said, chances are that families that have smokers and non-smokers are more likely to spend time together when the smokers are vaping and not smoking. I know this writer avoids being around smoking family members! Now that may sound a bit ridiculous, but observe this at the next family gathering.

Healthier Living

We already know that traditional cigarettes and tobacco are unhealthy. The proof in the research is almost endless. Ad after ad, billboard after billboard, commercial after commercial, all show us just how unhealthy smoking can be with traditional cigarettes. And more research is showing that NRP (nicotine replacement therapy) may not be healthy either. Traditional cigarettes have as much as 60 carcinogens while electronic cigarettes have only 4 ingredients usually.

Smokers aren’t as likely to exercise either, mostly because they don’t see any purpose in it if they are smoking. As such, they fall into the pattern of no exercise and often become depressed. Depression leads to other health issues and that makes them want another cigarette.

People that switch to electronic cigarettes realize they don’t have the smoker’s hack, they have more energy, their skin begins looking healthier because they have better circulation, and they aren’t as irritable. They are less likely to feel nausea, they have better smell, and food tastes better.

More Money

Yes, electronic cigarettes and vaping can be expensive, but mostly on the start-up. Continued vaping isn’t as expensive as traditional cigarettes in the long run. The biggest savings a smoker will see is a reduction in the auto, health, and life insurance. The next savings they’ll see is that buying packs of cigarettes is more than buying the liquid nicotine for their e-cigs.

Variety Of Electronic Cigarettes

Traditional cigarettes come in menthol or plain. Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors and you can even create your own flavor by mixing them. You also have a variety of atomizers and mods that allow a vapor to customize their electronic cigarette’s appearance so they won’t look like everyone else.

In Conclusion

Switching from traditional to electronic cigarettes has many advantages with the main advantage being kicking the nicotine habit.  You will have incredible respiratory function, healthier looking skin, strong endurance and stamina, and all of that will lead to living a healthier life. You’ll find that family and friends are around more, making life much more enjoyable, and the money you’ll save, you can buy the things you’ve always wanted or travel!

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